Monday, 6 February 2017

Will I Be A Good Mum? Will He Like Me? First Time Mum Jitters

With my due date fast approaching (April 9th), the nerves and the worries for the future are finally setting in. 

I cannot wait for my little one to be here, however I cannot shake that nervous and anxious feeling as to how I am going to cope being a new mum, and whether I have the ability to look after someone that is going to be solely reliant on me to look after. 

While I love all the changes that my body is going through in preparation for labour, I have to admit I have a lot of jitters about giving birth and everything that follows thereafter. 

I have so many questions running around in my head; Will i enjoy being a parent? How do I look after a newborn? Will i be a good mum? and will he like me?.

Even though we finally feel prepared to welcome our little one into the world, I still cannot shake the feeling as if something is missing. I have my hospital bag ready and already in the back of the car, and have gone over my birth plan countless number of times. and the nursery is completed. 

I know these feelings are completely normal, but with someone who likes having the future planned out, and likes being in control, I know that this next chapter in my life is not only going to be life changing but also a major learning curve. 

I am sure I am probably worrying about nothing, and everything will be fine once my due date comes around. 

Did anyone else feel this way before they gave birth? 

Let me know in the comments. 


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