Saturday, 25 February 2017

Things No One Told Me About Being a First Time Mum - Guest Post

Hello, my name’s Maria, 24 and I blog over at about all things parenting, blw recipes and reviews, just random fun stuff really. Natalie Davies at My Mummy And Me was looking for new parents to write a blog post about the things that no one tells you about being a first time mum. 

Without further ado, let’s get cracking.

What No One Told Me:

Mummy Guilt -
The guilt that I would feel after dropping the baby (from a small height of course) Or the guilt from leaving your baby to cry while you went to the toilet or regained some of your sanity. But the fact that it hasn’t just happened to me, does make me feel slightly better! 

Non-existent s*x drive 
Now don’t get me wrong I knew this would happen anyway with me having a natural birth and having stitches does make the whole thought of sex more daunting and the fact that I’m so sleep deprived in the early days means it wasn’t even on the forefront of my mind anyway. But 9 months on and my sex drive is still pretty much non-existent. 

Annoying advice 
No one told me about the annoying advice that would soon flood my way once the baby was born, and the constant stopping of strangers poking and cooing at my newborn (Keep your germs to yourself please!) I don’t mind the odd one or two strangers asking how old he is and what he weighed but every 5 seconds….no thank you. 

It’s easier than everyone makes it out to be – 
The early days, I’m not going to lie were tough especially on little sleep, freezer food and energy drinks but once a routine has been established, it really isn’t that difficult to look after a baby, making sure they get there naps, have the appropriate amount of milk feed (bottle or boob) and playtime/attention – it is straight forward really. 

Baby/toddler groups – 
I’m mentioning this one as in fact, no one actually told me about taking Logan to baby groups, I had to find one for myself in the local area and he loves it, they play with sensory toys, read books and sing nursery rhymes, they even let us do something crafty! Why don’t all parents love baby groups as much as me?

Even less body positivity – 
It might just be me, but since having Logan I have felt even less attractive, with the added stretch marks and wobbly tubby and chubby cheeks and not to mention that extra chin! 
No one tells you how much your body changes after having a baby and no one tells you, “not to overeat!”.

Did everyone enjoy this post? If so be sure to check out Maria's blog and show her some love, and be sure to let me know in the comments what your first year of being a new mummy was like, and any advice you'd give to soon to be mums. 


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