Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nursery Room Decor Ideas: My Favourites

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I love looking at nursery room decor, whether it's on other people's blogs, instagram or even pinterest, and have to admit I have used some of these ideas and incorporated them into my little one's nursery.

There are so many different colour schemes, diy's, furniture, and decorations to choose from, that designing your babies nursery can someone times feel like a minefield.  

So here are just a few of my favourite nursery rooms and decor, shared by other mummy bloggers across the web. 

Be sure to check them out - links underneath the images.
These nursery rooms have been designed with some much love and character. I especially love the clouds design against the grey background that has been created by Leanne from A Slice of My Wales Life. 

Plus it's gender neutral so whether your're having a boy or a girl this idea can still be applied.
I love how bright and airy this nursery is, from Little Paper Swans. With the plain furniture and the brightly coloured decorations, it makes it a very inviting room for any child. 

Also for parents who do not have the space for a full room nursery (like ourselves), then check out this super cute idea from Late for Reality, who has designed a very cosy and warm corner of her bedroom specifically designed for her little one.

How did you come up with your design for your little one's room? Let me know in the comments. 


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