Friday, 24 February 2017

Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales Gender Predictions

We have probably heard a few of them before, that if you are craving sweet things then it's a girl, and that if you are carrying low then it must be a boy, but have you heard all of the weird and wonderful old wives tales associated with gender predictions? 

If not stick around, as I will be showing you all the different things that could possibly be a sign as to whether you will be having a boy or a girl. 

  • You crave sweets and ice 
  • Your skin is less clear than usual, and you get spots easily 
  • If you do the ring test, and it moves in circles
  • Your babies heartbeat is higher than 140 bpm 
  • Your carrying high
  • Your left boob is bigger than the right
  • Your belly is wide instead of round - kinda like a watermelon 
  • Your age at conception added to the month of conception is an even number
  • You sleep on your right side
  • Your face is rounder than normal 

  • Your skin is a lot clearer than normal 
  • Your craving salty foods 
  • Your right boob is bigger than your left 
  • Your're hairier than normal 
  • You sleep on your left side 
  • Your age at conception added to the month of conception is an odd number 
  • You're carrying low
  • If you do the ring test and it swings back and forth 
  • Your babies heartbeat is less than 140 bpm
  • Your belly is round like a football 

As you all know, I am having a boy myself, so if I go off the list above, then there are a few that I can associate with such as being hairier than normal and babies heartbeat being less than 140 bpm, but other than that most of them do not ring true. 

Be sure to let me know whether any of these old wives tales were true for you in the comments, and whether you have heard any other tales for the list. 


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