Thursday, 16 February 2017

32 Week Pregnancy Update

My baby weighs almost 3 3/4 pounds already, and measures at roughly 16.7 inches. That's insane at just how fast he is growing, but also quite nerve racking that he also needs to at least double in weight before his due date!. 

I am already so uncomfortable (no change there then), especially when it comes to sleeping and finding a position that is semi comfortable to stay in for more than five minutes and the constant wake up calls for the bathroom are not helping either. 

It was my 32 week midwife appointment this week, in which the usual stuff happened, wee sample was taken, measuring of my bump and listening to the heartbeat. I was told he was measuring large for my size and weight and that my bump was measuring at 34 weeks instead of 32 weeks, but stated that there was nothing to worry about, fingers crossed that means that my baby comes on time and is does not take after his father and is three weeks late. 

I also got told that he is head down now, however is not yet into my pelvis and he is what is called 'free'. It's nice to know that he is the right way around, and that everything is going as it should be. 

Little one has taken a fondness this week to kicking me in the hip, which I tell you is no fun! It bloody hurts, and the Braxton Hicks have also started making their ugly appearance as well this week. 

Apart from that I seem to have slightly more energy this week, and have been baking, organizing drawers and cleaning without becoming extremely tired, however the afternoon naps are still part of my daily routine. 

Also another positive this week, is that the heartburn has gone away for now, which I am so happy about as I was getting it pretty much every hour of every day, so fingers crossed this can stay away for another couple of weeks, which would be very much appreciated.

As for cravings, I am still drinking milk as if it is my life source, and can easily get through around 4 pints in 1-2 days. At this rate it might be cheaper to invest in a cow in our back garden!. I have also rekindled my love for Hartley's Jelly Pots, and for Valentines Day my partner brought me home Morrisons entire stock. Best Valentines Day Present Ever!! 

The weeks seem to be slowing down at lot more lately, however with only eight weeks left, I know I should savour this for the time being, before our life as a little family begins.

Week 32 OOTD

Keep an eye out for the next update, in which I will be 34 weeks pregnant. 


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