Saturday, 4 February 2017

30 Week Update

My baby is as big as a large cabbage this week, measuring at almost 16 inches long and weighs approximately 3 pounds. 

Only 10 more weeks to go. 

30 weeks pregnancy symptoms: 

Heartburn: This is still here and have a feeling it will be here to stay until little one arrives. Sigh.

Uncomfortable sleep: While the restless leg has slightly calmed down this week, and have managed to get some sleep, the need to constantly go for a wee has increased and I am know going at least four or five times a night. 

General discomfort: Standard aches and pains in my back, shoulder, hands and feet have continued into week 30, but have managed to convince my partner to give me a massage every night, which is helping a lot. 

Tiredness: I am still having to have a mid-day nap in order to keep my energy levels up. I am constantly tired now, and no matter how much I have to do round the house, I just can't seem to muster up the energy to do anything. 

Nesting: This has well and truly set in this week, and because of this have managed to completely redecorate and paint our living room, at the dismay of my partner, who doesn't want me to do any hard work. I have painted the living room a light grey colour and have changed the colour palette in the room to a copper, grey, white and blush pink. For once, I am finally happy with the room. 

Cravings; Still milk, but have also found a new fondness for Hartleys Jelly Pots

Pressure: Over the last couple of days, I have felt a lot of pressure down south, which I am hoping is baby moving into position ready for birth. Although slightly uncomfortable, it's putting things into perspective in the fact that I am not going to be pregnant for much longer, and my due date is fast approaching.

Bump Shot Update: This photo was taken exactly at 30 weeks pregnant, and can't believe just how big bump is getting and just how low I am carrying. 

Come back next week for my 31 week update and symptoms.


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