Friday, 13 January 2017

The Second Trimester: Update, Gender Reveal and Symptoms

I cannot believe just how quick this trimester has flown by! It feels like only seconds ago that I found out I was pregnant and now I only have 12 weeks left till by due date...

 Below are just some of the highlights so far of my pregnancy;

We are having a boy! Yes, a little baby boy to call my own. The majority of my family thought it would have been a girl, seen as I am 1 of 3 girls, but I have broken the cycle and having the first boy in the family.
We decided to have a gender reveal scan at 17 weeks, as I am impatient and wanted to start shopping for clothes and the like. We had our gender scan at a lovely little place in Birmingham called Peek-a-Baby, and the service was brilliant. We decided to opt to have the whole scan on DVD, and we got a choice of music to put on in the background while the scan was in progress, and of course I picked Disney!  They pointed out all the parts of our baby and then finally revealed the gender, and pronounced our little bean as a boy, I was so happy and emotional (and yes there were a few tears shed).
We got a sneak peak of our little boy in 4D however he was being shy and covering his face, but we still came away with the whole experience on DVD and also got 4 photographs to take home with us.


 After reading forum after forum on this topic, it was said that first time mothers don't usually feel babies first kicks until sometime between 22-24 weeks pregnant, however at 19 weeks I was lucky, and I felt the first movements of my little bean, and by week 22 my partner could feel his kicks from the outside, which is an amazing bonding experience for both myself and my partner. It was at this point that everything became real for both of us, I obviously knew I was pregnant, however we had only ever seen him on a screen when we went to my ultrasound appointment's, but now we could finally feel and see the tiny life I was creating.
He is such an active baby as well, and can guarantee that he will start kicking me at around 6am in the morning and then again in the evening, and they are not gentle kicks either, it feels like he is karate chopping my stomach, and the amount of times I have caught him on video, full on moving my stomach when he rolls around is amazing.
At my 24 week midwife appointment, there was my normal midwife and a trainee, and they measured my stomach as they normally do, and kept asking me how many weeks along I was, in which I said 24 plus a couple of days. They both looked at each other confused, and I asked what was wrong and they said nothing, just the fact they my baby was measuring at 26 weeks, a whole week and a half ahead of what he should of been!
Now I know why his kicks and punches are so strong, his little nudges back at 19 weeks have turned to full on kicks in the bladder, side and stomach. This is one thing I know I will miss once I have given birth.


It really does exist, after feeling like a zombie for the entire first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, after terrible morning sickness hit, I finally started feeling myself again, thanks to the energy increase you get in the second trimester. I have felt a change in my skin and hair over the last couple of weeks, and have felt a lot more confident in myself compared to pre-pregnancy. 


We decided that before both of our lives were turned upside down and thrown side to side at the arrival of our little one, that we would decide to have a long weekend away, and the chosen location was London. We were going to go to Brussels for Christmas but after all the terrible news over the winter period, we decided to opt with somewhere closer to home. It was one of the best breaks away we have had in along time. We did all the usual tourist stuff such as exploring the Houses of Parliament and enjoying a river cruise along the Thames. We also decided to visit Hyde Park at Christmas which was such a wonderful evening out, we ate so much food and embraced the Christmas atmosphere. We plan on going again next year but this time not as a couple but as a family.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and would love to hear your stories. 

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