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Storytime: The Week Our Lives Changed

Saturday 6th August 2016, was the day our lives changed.

It was our second day into our Cornwall holiday, when we found out that we were expecting.

The day started out like no other, we woke up, cooked breakfast, and decided where we were going to explore.

We visited Truro before heading to our chosen destination, to grab some lunch from the local supermaket, and brought ham, bread, snacks, chocolate and a pregnancy test. Weird shopping trip, I know.

I had been feeling odd for a few weeks and just put it down to stress and hormones, and put it at the back of my mind. However a couple of days before travelling down to Cornwall, both me and my partner had worked out that my period was late by a few days. I have never ran like clockwork and been on time, so said to give it a few days before we decide to start worrying, and that's what we did, we packed our bags, set up the tent and carried on with our holiday as normal, until the Saturday.

I was still late and now overdue by around 6 days, and had been feeling nauseous on and off, not to mention how sore my boobs were. I normally get sore boobs before I am due on, however this was constant and uncomfortable. I was adamant I did not need a pregnancy test and that everything was fine, and that mother nature would show up in due course, well we all know now that didn't happen.
However my partner was insistent that we get one, and we could do it when we get back to the campsite at the end of the day, so we brought a cheap one and headed to our destination of choice; Pendennis Castle.

Saturday 6th August - Pendennis Castle - The day everything changed

We spent the day exploring a very wet and windy Pendennis Castle, and had forgotten all about the pregnancy test I was carrying about in my bag. It wasn't until I started feeling unwell again, that I remembered it was there. Before we left. I decided that I needed to go to the ladies room, and this was and always will be the moment my life changed.
I am an impatient person, and the burning sensation to take the pregnancy test took over, so in the toilets of Pendennis Castle, I took it. As you all know who are expecting or have children, that they state that you should wait for around 2 - 3 minutes in order for the results to show, however this was pretty much instant, and the (+) sign was staring straight at me....I was pregnant.

I have never felt so many different emotions at the same time; happy, scared, shocked, and total disbelief. My partner knew there was something different as soon as I met him back outside, and I told him there and then, that I was indeed pregnant.

The car journey back to the campsite was intense and completely silent. So many questions running around in our heads; what were we going to do, how were we going to tell parents, would they be angry, happy, sad?

We got back to the campsite around six in the evening, and I decided I needed a shower to clear my head, so I packed my wash bag and had what seemed the longest shower in my life, running over so many different scenarios in my head. While in the shower, my partner had decided to go and buy a coffee and a Red-bull, and trust me, he needed it, he had been shaking like a leaf since I told him.

He was so terrified on what both sides of the family would think, and kept repeating that he was going to be killed by various different family members, and that he was going to get kicked out of his home, and he might as well stay in Cornwall.

We both got back to the tent, and decided that it would be best to just to ring our parents, however neither one of us actually brave enough to do so.
I have never seen someone down a coffee and a red-bull in just under two minutes, but as soon as he had done so, he picked up the phone, sat in the car and said "I am going to ring my mum".

What seemed like forever later, he popped his head into the tent, and very calmly said "My mum is fine with it", that was when I knew I had to find the courage to ring my mum. I must have stared at my mum's number a good ten times, before actually pressing the call button.
Both me and my mum know when there is something wrong as the call will start with 'mummy', and at that point in the call my mum had already guessed what was wrong when she said "you're pregnant aren't you?", I guess mother's intuition is actually real. I spent the next five minutes crying down the phone, wondering what she was going to think and say, however just like my partner's mum, she was fine, she had told me to go straight to the supermarket and pick up a clear-blue test and folic acid, and too ring her again once I had done another test.

We both headed off again to buy yet another pregnancy test, this time a little less in shock than the previous car journey just hours before. I took the clear-blue test, the ones that tell you how many weeks you are back at the camp site, and within just two minutes it flashed back at me stating 3 - 4 weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe it I had been pregnant for almost a month and had not even the slightest inclination that my body was already changing and supporting another person.

We both rang parents again, to let them know the news, and they were perfectly fine with it all, and quite excited at the idea of being grandparents.

The rest of the holiday was spent enjoying the sights that Cornwall had to offer, while thinking about the future and what it would have in store for us as no longer just as a couple but as a family.

Now here in 2017, 29 weeks pregnant, and so happy that everything has played out the way it has, and even more excited about meeting our new arrival, due on Sunday 9th April.

Watch this space.

I would love to hear about where and when you found out you were expecting.

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