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Review: NSPA Mum to Be Moisturising Bump Butter vs. Palmers Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter

After the appearance of numerous stretch marks that have slowly started appearing since the second trimester, I decided that I would try out a few well known tummy butters on the market. I know full well that these stretch marks are here to stay, but anything to help them appear less red in colour would be fantastic. 

I knew I would be prone to strectch marks due to my mother having them, but I was hoping they would hold out until at least the final couple of weeks of my final trimester. However this would not be the case, as my first marks started showing around 18 weeks pregnant, know almost 31 weeks pregnant, I can expect to find a new one emerging every week or so, and they have spread all around my back, my hips and underneath my belly button. 

The two products I have decided to review are the; NSPA Mum to Be Moisturising Bump Butter and the Palmers Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter. 

Name: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks

Price: £4.49

This “solid” Tummy Butter is an ultra- concentrated night-time treatment specifically designed for pregnancy stretch marks.

Enriched with soothing and relaxing lavender extracts, new Bio C-Elaste™, pure Cocoa and Shea Butters and Vitamin E, it has been proven to help improve skin's elasticity and moisture.

With regular use it can help reduce the possibility of developing stretch marks. This intensive and non-greasy butter can also help relieve dryness and itchiness associated with stretched skin during pregnancy.

Hypoallergenic - Paraben Free - Phthalate Free - Dermatologist Tested.

The smell of this butter is amazing, it is so soothing and relaxing, and is really easy to apply to your growing bump. After using this for a week I have noticed that my bump feels alot more hydrated and has also become alot less itchy, something that was getting really annoying especially when the itchiness would flare up more in the middle of the night. 

It is a bit hard to get out of the tub, due to just how hard it is, however as soon as it is on your fingers and it has warmed up, it is really easy to apply. You have to rub your fingers in it to get any of the product, and is not a buttery consistency unlike other butters on the market. 

One thing that is great about this product though is that it is non greasy when applied, upon appearance it does have a greasy texture but as soon as applied, it very quickly gets absorbed into the skin, and does not leave your skin greasy, wet or sticky. 


NSPA Mum To Be Moisturising Bump Butter 

Price: £6.00 

With ultra-moisturising Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E, this Award-winning butter melts into the skin providing instant comfort and hydration, leaving it soft and nourished. Helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and boosts the natural elasticity of skin.


I was skeptical in using this butter to begin with, as I had never heard of the brand nspa. However this butter is amazing, it has a subtle fragrance unlike the very strongly scented Palmers butter and has a very creamy consistency, much like a standard moisturiser. 

It again, is not greasy and soaks into the skin very quickly. In terms of hydrating my bump, it has definitely gone above and beyond in doing that. My belly feels really soft, and smooth, and have noticed a huge difference in elasticity in my skin, and no longer feels over stretched and tight. 

The only downside to this product, is that if you have long nails, it gets underneath them and you can spend a while trying to get the product out of them. So i advise having short nails when applying this and then you will also not waste as much product. 


All in all, I love both of them equally. I love the smell of the Palmers Butter but prefer the consistency of the nspa Butter. They are both fantastic in providing hydration to your bump, and have felt a lot better since using them. In terms of reducing the redness of my stretch marks, I have noticed a slight difference in colour since using them however not a dramatic change and feel like they definitely work, however would advising using them before stretch marks appear to see if they stop them all together.

They are both reasonably priced, and if I ever do have any more children in the future, would use them again and highly recommend to others. 


What have been your favourite products to use during your pregnancy in reducing or stopping the appearance of those pesky stretch marks? 

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