Sunday, 15 January 2017

How To Enjoy Your Maternity Leave? My Top 5 Tips

Day three of my maternity leave, and I am already pulling my hair out in boredom. It might not have been so bad if we hadn't already decided to decorate the nursery before Christmas, and also bought everything humanly possible we may need for little one when he arrives, but with 11 weeks left before my due date I am struggling to find things to do to keep myself occupied.
So I thought I would compose this list of the best ways in which to enjoy your maternity leave before the sleepless nights start and how to make it count; 

1. Get Together With Friends / Meet New Mummy Friends 

Parenthood can be lonely and daunting, so before your little one arrives it's a great opportunity to meet with friends and extended family while you can.  Some simple ideas to get you out the house could be coffee dates or trips to the local park. 

2. Go exploring. 

While you have all this time on your hands, do your best to go out and be adventurous (I know it's easier to stay in bed all day) but you never know, you might come across an amazing new park that you can take your little one to once they are born or a new cafe to spend your time at with friends that's both child friendly and is also big enough to take your pushchair in with ease. 

3. Take up a hobby

Why not consider trying something new? Whilst on maternity it's important to keep your mind active.  This is the perfect opportunity to engage in a unique hobby such as cross-stitch or arts and crafts. Let your creative flair take over which could result in some fabulous designs for your home.  

4. Plan alone time / date nights with your partner 

Bringing a new life into the world is not only daunting for you, but also for your partner, especially if it is your first. So by planning certain day's for spending quality time together before the birth is vital. Whether that's breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, to having a mini-break together. Not only will you be showing each other that even though everything at the moment, is revolving around the pregnancy and your future together as a new or expanding family, you can still make sure spending time is a priority in your relationship, and you will also be creating new and exciting memories. 

5. Treat yourself to a Spa treatment 

With all this added stress and mixed emotions in your life at the moment, wouldn't it just be lovely to relax? That's why you should just go ahead a book yourself a day or break away with a friend, partner or your mum to go and get fully pampered, this could include a manicure, pedicure, face mask, massage and whatever else might float your boat. Trust me you'll feel a million times better afterwards. 

If you liked this post let me know and I would also love to hear your tips on how you survived maternity leave. 

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