Thursday, 19 January 2017

Handy Guide To What Needs Doing In The Final Trimester

There are so many things to do in your final trimester of being pregnant, and with baby brain in full force it is sometimes hard to remember the days of the week, let alone all the tiny things that need completing and arranging.

I have created this handy guide to help all expecting mums, to keep track of what needs completing before the big day.

Weeks 28 - 32 (Month 7) 

  • Remember to book or attend your midwife or doctor appointments 
  • Baby shower, if your deciding to have one
  • Start to prepare your birth plan - find a free downloadable printable here
  • Count your babies kicks, if you haven't already started too already. Remember, if you babies kicks decrease or increase in a short space of time to call your midwife for advice, as this could be a sign of your baby being in distress 
  • Start decorating the nursery and baby proof the house 
  • Attend your antenatal classes
  • Don't forget, if you do not get Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from your workplace, but will qualify to recieve Maternity Allowance, to send off the forms as soon as possible as there can be a 28 day delay. 

Weeks 32 - 36 (Month 8) 

  • Buy the remainder of any baby items you may need
  • Finish the nursery, as trust me you will not want to be doing any painting or decorating just before your due
  • Make sure you know how to fit the car seat correctly, this will save you time once little one arrives and you take him or her home for the first time. Remember not all car seats fit all cars, so get yours checked at your local Halfords or Mothercare. 
  • Pack your hospital bag essentials
  • Midwife appointments - around 2 again this month
  • Print out copies of your birthing plan to pass out to hospital / midwifery staff to make them aware of your plan for your labour and delivery

Weeks 36 - 40 (Month 9) 

  • Midwife appointments - weekly until birth
  • Talk to your partner, family or close friend if you have concerns regarding the arrival of your newborn - you will feel a lot better knowing you have support around you at this daunting and exciting time
  • Make sure your home is all ready to welcome your new arrival to the world
Good Luck  

Hope you have all enjoyed today's blog post, and let me know what you would like to see next. 

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