Friday, 27 January 2017

29 Week Pregnancy Update

I cannot believe that I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, getting slightly overwhelmed at just how fast my due date is approaching, and constantly stressing as to whether we are completely ready for our new arrival, but I guess that is just new mum nerves.

I thought I would do a 29 week pregnancy update, as I feel this week a lot has changed both mentally and physically. In the last few weeks I have noticed many changes within myself, and I guess that's all down to how much my baby is growing and developing.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed, is the increased toilet trips. Many people say that they get this symptom in the first trimester, however it is something I skipped over completely, which I am so thankful about, as it is such a pain especially when you are out and about and feel like you need a wee every five minutes. It is currently worse of an evening and at night, as the increased pressure on my bladder causes me to get up at least 3 - 4 times a night, which I could do without, seen as how difficult it is now to try and get comfortable and fall asleep.

This week has been especially difficult in trying to drift off to sleep, and stay asleep, not to mention the constant heartburn that stops me from falling asleep. I am surrounded in so many different pillows, one under my back, one between my legs, three to keep my head propped up, and one behind my back so I don't roll over onto by back. As i currently write this post, I am surviving on around 3 hours sleep, as I just could not sleep, and I feel really bad with all the tossing and turning I am doing, seen as my partner has to get up at 6 am every morning and can feel every time I turn over or go to the bathroom. Guess this just is another part of pregnancy, in which is gearing me up for the arrival of little one and the lack of sleep I will get when he arrives.

Restless leg, oh my god, it is horrible. I suffered so much with this in the first trimester, and it was horrible. I felt like constantly chopping my leg off just so the pain would go away. If you have ever had it, you know what I mean, and if you haven't, I pray to god that you never experience it. This trimester it has seemed to come back in full force, and hope that it doesn't linger around for another 10 weeks, this may just be the thing that kills me off.

I have found that the tiredness of the first trimester, has come back again now, and find it really difficult in staying awake and getting up in the morning. I have found I am having to have at least one to two naps a day just to make it into the evening, without being in a zombie like state.

On a brighter note though, my little one is very active this week and things are getting a little cramped in their for him now. I can feel every kick, prod of the elbow and knee, and the cute little hiccups. I wonder how active he will be when he arrives and find myself thinking about what type of personality he will have.

Another good thing about this week, is that nesting has well and truly set in. I love making sure everything looks neat and tidy and are one of those people, that constantly changes the way the rooms looks either by moving furniture around or completely changing the colour scheme of the room, and this is exactly what I have decided to do this week.
Currently our living room is painted in a pastel blue colour with a feature wall, however I have decided I no longer like it and from next week on wards I will slowly but surely changing it to a light grey colour which will hopefully brighten up the room. We have decided on light grey's, blush pinks and coppers to accentuate the room, and cannot wait for it to be finally finished.

Hope you enjoyed this update, and please let me know what symptoms you had around this time, and what you are most looking forward to when your little one arrives into the world.

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